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Vitema legnami s.n.c is the supplier competitor for quality, expertise, reliability and dynamism in its manufacturing, trading and logistics services.

From three generations Vitema legnami s.n.c leads its business in the field of wood industry:

beginning in 1948 as woodcrafting, in the 70’s it expands his business working also as sawmill in order to provide wooden boards, from european broad-leaved, and semifinished goods.

In the 90’s it starts producing also beech wooden dowels for furniture and Flat or riffled beech sticks.

Due to its great,well-established know-how, its constant care of every manufacturing step, ( tree-trunks selection, saw process, seasonig, wood drying and production of semifinished or finished goods), Vitema legnami s.n.c can offer you:

  • Third party Saw process

  • Beech boards

  • Work in progress goods

  • Beech wooden dowels

  • Flat or riffled beech sticks

  • Freight and delivery

Vitema legnami s.n.c has ever had a particular regard to environmental, it is eco-friendly, both producing its own manufacturers and using sustainable energy.


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